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-Si entendieras las grandes verdades no temerías lo que va a suceder.- said calmly.

-Los hombres, those small stores of knowledge, sheltering the underlying secrets of the universe, even without being aware of it-he continued saying as he walked for stay-only serve for building superior relationships, processing that information hidden to our understanding.

-Pero en ocasiones, There are unique individuals. That old breathtaking jewels, indecipherable mechanisms that go through the hood of flesh and blood. People who leave shows an extremely valuable essence, unattainable for the rest. -seguía diciendo, increasingly altered-that vitality seeps into his personality, dragging to anyone that is within your reach. This is how emerging leaders, gods that the masses eager to kiss hands, beg them a few words of caution, Cross with them a look. Muchedumbres imantadas hacia revelaciones aprisionadas en cuerpos idolatrados.

Altered, progress was made towards the center of the room.

-¡Pero esas esencias pertenecen a la humanidad, they should not be wasted for own use!-vociferó.

After a pause he continued saying something more serene-only when an unscrupulous has a God before, the general understanding.-can balance he sighed deeply and said – It's time to free your quality so it is diluted to the rest of the men.

-¡Estas completamente loco!, think about what they are saying, It makes no sense – He mumbled hobbled the global rock star – I'll give you what you want…

El sonido de un golpe seco cesó sus palabras. The subsequent silence ampari intangible mysteries that were disintegrating in the room, in the world.