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Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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"We give work to thousands of miserable" I thought under the deafening noise of the helicopter. "While many reject system, This protects them, keeps them alive, feeds your dreams"on the horizon appeared a bright spot, on the sea, the glow of hope.

The bodyguard opened the door, Rashid (the invincible), young looking and fibrous body, fell of the Hulk. A vessel of considerable size served him support to their delicate footpockets. It was difficult to calculate the cost of that. Le seguía sorprendiendo todo lo que el oro negro puede hacer por un hombre.

The team received them with a technical chatter. They went to the lower decks, acompañados por su séquito de seguridad. Anything can happen in international waters, for better or for worse. It made him grace that had to stay away from any regulation or legislation for its purpose.

The scientist in charge explained the advances of the past few months in a hasty manner. There drifting, away from any distractions, they only focused on the work. Al Rashid was enough seat and to be guided by people who paid, the best in their fields. He went to a room well equipped with every medical devices. Interestingly only needed a process similar to dialysis.

Stem cell Cocktail, genetically altered, was present in their blood for a few hours, and then you would expect in a hyperbaric chamber. There I could think, and silently thank the delivery of their workers, some of which were much less satisfactory work. Society, for his good and many others it worked.

Always it ended it felt strange, as if the new life was gradually replacing it, moving to end with her death, Forever. To be truly invincible. He returned to the helicopter, felt that they were getting, It should last.

The system was last.