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Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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El silenciador de la 9 milímetros empujó la puerta entreabierta. "I'll it easy donning, you don't have to worry"was heard on the inside. A silhouette in the darkness of the room expected him.

"Never this kind of life I asked. I'm broken of much suffering, esas caras desencajadas y la desesperación en sus ojos lo eclipsan todo.” – hablaba pausadamente mientras desprecintaba un Macallan del 47 y su redentor avanzaba apuntándola.

"The worst thing is that you just get used to you and become all that you know, the blood is the least. But could be worse believe me. "Now I am at peace because is that now there will be no more." It had the cups, Meanwhile he began to hear a metal flashing ever closer.

"The rituals are necessary, you become what you hate "-was saying as he filled the containers with the Golden liquid". The throb of the trigger game, almost imperceptible, was a prayer for it. Crystal led to her lips, a tiny ecstasy of pleasure slipped down her throat, trying to rescue her from herself, venerating it.

A triangle of three impacts on your chest, Finally freed it. On the table, had another glass of whisky, full.