Breathing - Short story about an inner journey - Reflections of life
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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Tan solo quería saber. Know that it lies behind what makes us match, What makes us flow and understand beyond the deviant eyes. Link creation. My sole purpose, My dream.

Willing to give up my dreams, beliefs, and even the short time that I was, todo por comprender. I started to behave strangely, alien to the obvious. Trying to see beyond, wandering in search of empty beers deep conversations. Without any accomplice in my secrets of reality robbery. I was assuming a strange trail tracks, where everything had its own light, He took me to the edge of delirium or genius. A medida que me adentraba en él, más ligado parecía el mundo y difuminado quedaba el trayecto de regreso. Yet awning.

Ideas crowded my mind, sometimes abstract, sometimes flat and clear. Indifferent objects, people, nature, It was all part of a perfect set and I thus, I completed. The way trees, converted into mecidas forms in the wind, integrated, they had reason for being and linked his presence. Una ambiente denso que tenía vida propia. Respiraba de su armonía profundamente, giving me, losing me in the vision, in my interior forest.

The air knew so well. Passion, It stretched over my body lying on the leaves dead and alive at the same time. He traveled by infinity to the speed of the beating of the heart, fastest ever, more beautiful. I felt radiant and wanted more, More!

La blancura asfixió de repente y se encargó de arrastrarlo todo al olvido, white walls, White windows and white capsules. But outside I see a tree, breathing.