Resonance - Reflections of life and abstract thoughts
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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Dry, acute, nerve, baritonas, radio. This innate tolerance of people close to, attentive often, listen to talks led by a voice actor.

Palaver, laughter, onomatopoeias, tag, gossip. His speeches run with greater or lesser pace, transferring shields to shake the arguments of their partners. Some voices are hard to bear, aside from the content they transmit, others on the other hand soak or caress aterciopeladamente, Trasfiriendo the character guest without filters, correlating with prints by weighing. And often they piled up concepts that are shelled with the passing of the days.

I love that remain, how reluctant to abandon the rooms despite the departure of the issuers. Echoes of solid presences, valuable, as of OA. With their melodic and delicate whispers, or alternate restless laughs. His voice, with a soft Cadence dissonant, tore tenderness everywhere.

OA, dedicating too much of his words intentionally, got project, integrated into my reasoning. Making resonate their energetic principles.

Maybe for that in his absence, It can radiate all the goodness that contained.