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I feel something strange to contemplate the world, that link that part of us towards what a day we went, I can see it. Dust of stars in different forms to the end and Cape. It is curious. Breath calmly from the time remaining, in peace. While, me...

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I love to talk, serve cooked in tray ideas. So my partners, Skinny, end up choking them. It's funny. Only in some cases, When dying, nerve or to the brink of collapse, I rescued them from a possible mental Overture, dándoles...

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Quizás es porque vivimos en la disputa, looking for recognition and power since the first sigh. In the permanent night, We have integrated the social herd, like hungry wolves able to devour each other if necessary, wanting to dominate. Hunting, cada vez...

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Rotten subway cars with empty people. Empty of love for a time. Time transformed into a present despair. This just as objective to prevail. Prevail before the poor in spirit. Espíritu que se pierde en los andenes hacia ningún...

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