Covenant - Short story of love, Reflections of life and thoughts
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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I rescue that night with you, coffee, a candle and a glass of Aunt Mary. You seem nervous, I just give you life again and you don't know where you performing this time. Gone many nights, in which, fluttering naked between the sheets, I complacías beyond the memory, beyond awareness, where there was a strenuous need only. Always fascinating quotations, But despite numerous attempts to, your character was wearing some unreal air in them.

Rebel, Wild, indomitable, hate my realities, crave freedom. Poisoned words I put gently on your lips, reflotando your nature including. Taking you over and twisting your mind carefully written lines. Sometimes, playing to keep me current, leaving you to do, leaving me to feel. Slippery, go find the nooks and crannies, the shortcomings, poking around inside me better than anyone else, weakening me.

I I relive you unceasingly, as a fool who doesn't want to see that you have learned too, I exceed. Surprised by how you have managed to enslave me.

Here I am again, on the same night, coffee, a glass and a candle off. Safe, confident, because you know that these winning the game, infecting every corner of my mind in order to annoy me.

We pactemos with elegance, con una última copa, deliver us from our mutual suffering in loop.

My accountability. Forget about is your freedom, is my empty reality.