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I am premature ejaculator. But early, early. It is to see a fallen strap and Bum!

The truth is that I've been pretty well, I'm even proud. Today, in which the time is one of the most precious assets and virtually no one has a second to spare, I am King of the optimized love. When least expect you, It has ended the fantasy. What more you can ask for?

Gone are couples giving cinema and kisses for hours. Love must adapt to the pace of the 21st century, at the risk of the sin of being a pioneer. Is for this reason that I am a regular at the first and only dating. With a coffee in the company I am happy, I have everything I need sporadically. I can't stand ties, I am a free soul.

But optimizers like me, We are fighting against the old stigma of being a disturbed, Sadly. Is for this reason that I always truthfully ahead to introduce myself: “-Hola, I am OA, I work in a super and I'm premature ejaculator.”. Be surprised the amount of people who are interested in one after say it.

Why waste life promoting relations to culminate? We are the revolution.

Think it carefully and then speak.