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I'm still his slender figure, This jacket fitted with elbow patches that dodging passersby quickly. Always in a hurry, avoiding crossing glances of strangers. A shadow that runs between the crowd, imperceptible to the naked eye, with thousand silenced mysteries.

Stops briefly in the window of a cafe, Noting the comfortable conversations. Warm changes looks, that lower our guard, to open and allow the entrance to inner worlds. There they begin the constructions of the complex lives and fulfilled dreams. If only you dare to cross the door, cross the barrier that she herself has been imposed based on irrational fears...

I have always believed that people often are afraid of life itself for not being able to understand it, or interpret it rather. And I look forward so much to discover it, learn their secrets. To be able to push his fragile presence with mine, While we reflect timid smiles faces. Start living where fear gives way to the full existence.

Stop before the transparent wall, the cold begins to sink their bones. His white face wakes up suddenly from the wanderings. View Dodge to the front and again accelerated step.

Is that eventually engulfed by a steep steps from a ramshackle portal. And as so often, a faint light of hope will shine in an attic, where eyes diverge and the days are diluted.