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To anyone you ask as I lived, It will tell you that it was an enviable existence with a death caused by a few reasons that fails to understand. I did cross rivers of truths, even with defined blowing against destinations. Tus palabras solidas me...

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Venture with us into a world to explore. You will discover the hidden dreams beyond life itself. Experience a clinical death as our ancestors with total security, and wander by the residual consciousness. Una experiencia única que le...

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Imprison me, I suffocate and I ask for help in vain. Sediments deposited gradually, imperceptibly. Whispered words, delusions of unrequited love, Sandy memories. Hundreds of layers, hundreds of moments. Me perdí entre los estratos de lo que un día viví y...

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I rescue that night with you, coffee, a candle and a glass of Aunt Mary. You seem nervous, I just give you life again and you don't know where you performing this time. Gone many nights, in which, fluttering naked between the sheets, me...

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I feel like this very moment cracks in time, as the voices of the future try to access it, tearing the thin fabric of coherence that kept him attached. Reviewing it thoroughly, looking for details to detach me from myself. Crying, gritos...

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- We need new colonies of workers who help with the extraction of resources. Strong expansion should continue. - I understand. For when? - It is urgent enough, but we'll use those of natural evolution that are more economical. - ¿De cuantos ciclos los...

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-Me gustaría que me golpearas tan fuerte como pudieras, like we used to do for young people, to feel your contained anger and impregnate me more pain. -Nunca estamos preparados - me decías mientras otro de tus familiares se interponía entre nosotros para darte el pésame....

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That boy looks like he knows what makes, enjoy the time with their engagement, as if it holds the same life. The owner of the time who rides the destination towards moments illuminated by smiles in which everything flows and pleases almost unconsciously. Envidio a esos...

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Rivers of anonymous lives pass before my curious eyes, coup, yours hits before me, By the way. Sincere, without shame, I detailed some fears are the well of your present, which wave you to lose the reason, causing you to fall. Por ti recorro el tiempo...

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My mind tattooed by your memory I directed by trails end. I turn back, I'm looking for another dream, I pursue it and give back of face to face with your door. Always closed and without lever, old and full of scratches, aunque solida y a prueba de emociones que intenten...

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