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Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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I am premature ejaculator. But early, early. It is to see a fallen strap and Bum! The truth is that I've been pretty well, I'm even proud. Today, in which the time is one of the most precious assets and virtually no one has a second to spare, yo...

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-Si entendieras las grandes verdades no temerías lo que va a suceder.- said calmly. -Los hombres, those small stores of knowledge, sheltering the underlying secrets of the universe, incluso sin ser conscientes de ello.-continuaba diciendo mientras se...

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I don't identify them, any of them. A radiant vitality and sweaty kid, with a ball in his hands. Or a few freckles highlighting the face of a feeble body, posando en una cima. O la fotografía de una sonrisa perdida mientras roba un beso a una chica sorprendida....

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Venero your presence, I obsesiono me to see the reality as you see it, think what you think, with feeling in my being the vitality that you drunk. I inmiscuiré me the sources that support your personality, to plagiarize them at any price in my life,...

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The coffee in the cozy corner Cafe, tastes like a condensed ideas. A seemingly quiet place, by shelving with mysterious books, that sometimes captures a new clueless customer. In comfortable armchairs, collapsed, asiduas almas errantes...

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I have stopped docking men, steal their most cherished belongings. It is an unbearable task. I never take seriously and don't know how to react. One even tried to invite me out recently: "I've stolen the heart" said, no me arrepiento de...

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"It is only an impression", I say to myself continuously. But I just always succumbing, deterrent thoughts end up giving them way. At the end it goes full, overwhelming me, filling the cavities where are my dialectics, infectándome con una...

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On the Mount of the Matterhorn, four thousand meters above sea level, on a steep slope of the reclusive mountain there is a frozen book. With leather and small caps, rest in peace home, among its pages joined by ice, impenetrable secrets. Legend has it,...

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