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Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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Roko basilisk

Interesting lifestyle, Although frightening in a way. I still remember the exact moment in which the viral news came to me, un mensaje de Whatsapp por despecho. At the beginning I could not see it, un link hacia una web de misterios sin ninguna frase explicativa, y...

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Again I find myself in an exercise of decongesting occasional delusions, because I fear that I avoquen to a permanent madness. A few days ago, slipped an idea, It has been taking root despite my efforts to avoid it. Sembrando en sus ramificaciones conexiones...

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Venero your presence, I obsesiono me to see the reality as you see it, think what you think, with feeling in my being the vitality that you drunk. I inmiscuiré me the sources that support your personality, to plagiarize them at any price in my life,...

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