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To anyone you ask as I lived, It will tell you that it was an enviable existence with a death caused by a few reasons that fails to understand.

I did cross rivers of truths, even with defined blowing against destinations. Your strong words encouraged me, I strengthened. We were real creators of worlds, dancing coordinated, by lands full of opportunities.

I overcame countless dark wells, which are not discernable background whatsoever and were able to drag you to the ends of time.

You said that the eternity was a joke that we could play as children, and I lived, and I dreamed, and we play.

I elevaste beyond the conceivable, I discovered an endless possibilities all of them present and performed at the same time. But live in fullness I consumed, I became a being without desires, No search. A soul without aspirations.

Now I just want to get lost and lose as I am to reach it again, otherwise, in another existence.

Is that you will find, me catapultarás again with your presence, and we danzaremos on the rivers of yesteryear.

That is our game, the big game; give up and look, for all eternity.