Leaves - Reflections of life and abstract thoughts
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.

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-Me gustaría que me golpearas tan fuerte como pudieras, like we used to do for young people, to feel your contained anger and impregnate me more pain.

-Nunca estamos preparados – you said while other family members stood between us to give condolences. Empty kisses on the cheek, looks simulating understand you, and formal words of affection.

-Escápate conmigo de la oscuridad unos días, fresh air and reflections at the foot of the trees that surround my house, they are large and leafy. You will do well – I told him.

-Una parte mía anhela estar allí contigo, wandering, Rethinking my address with kisses of truth…

-No busques ningún pero, Ana- I interrupted her to see that you are excusing staring, It was invaded by doubts, or thought of something far away, How hidden in an inside corner infected with the loss.

-Gracias por la oferta, but I want to stay single a season, I don't want you insist. Would also not be well seen and only you would creep to my anguish. I will leave the well, I just need peace and time.

-Tienes mi teléfono y sabes donde encontrarme por si cambias de parecer. You will overcome it, We will overcome it. – I embraced with affection that body in bones, while I said goodbye.

I always loved it, I have loved, so I decided to get away from their lives so that they could create something meaningful years ago.

Now step afternoons reading and reflecting crestfallen in the garden, When the pain a little forwards. It is difficult to assimilate still.

But wind drag the dry leaves that stand in books, giving me the sympathy of both losses.