Fragments - Short story about human relationships - Anadesería
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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It closed a pop-up ad. Missing just one more session and would be Premium user. It obsessed him, wanted full access as soon as possible. It desprecintó the bottle and drank it hastily. It lay on the couch placing tiny receivers in the front and back part of the head. The process began.

It is plunged into another induced lethargy. The memories started to form after his eyelids. Progressed, backward, in a hasty way and if apparent control, the scenes are happening. Faces with him across the street, visits to businesses, conversations with friends, alguna recreación en la cama juntos…

I thought to do well to trust corporation, all made them, He said to himself. When it completed the first phase will improve access to the interface, millions of scenes would be at its disposal to investigate and get lost in them. Finally, he would know that it is what felt, their deepest desires. That promised.

The intensity, that frequency of the evocaciones dizzy it, even sometimes made him vomit. Everything was recorded somewhere, No matter where, I just wanted to upload category to understand them, love you better. Beep indicated the end of the session. He opened his eyes, looking for the control terminal. A new logo indicating that it had new privileges.

5 notificaciones aparecieron de la nada, that hastily opened, family, friends... and she. I knew that he would find his request! He accepted her trembling and approached its tab.

Fragments of life behind those eyes ash, He visualized voraciously. It appeared together and froze the scenes, back again, He analyzed them thoroughly in search of recreating behaviors, sensations. Was that the structure of love?

While, a blind algorithm analyzed them with it, silent, coldly translating those lives in search of patterns, they were only, structures of consumption.