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Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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Venture with us into a world to explore. You will discover the hidden dreams beyond life itself.
Experience a clinical death as our ancestors with total security, and wander by the residual consciousness.
A unique experience that will help you to empathize with the generations of yesteryear. You will have a much broader view of the motives that drove them to behave in such a way. Affective ties, sentirá los pesares de las pérdidas y el sufrimiento de los seres queridos.
Imagine what would be the perpetual death!
We also include performances and rituals to celebrate the last day of his life as it was in ancient times.
We will provide you the appreciation of the value of life as no one before has never shown it is.
We assure you, you will see the beauty of this world with other eyes.
Die today, and live intensely forever!