Strata - Reflections of life and abstract thoughts
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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Imprison me, I suffocate and I ask for help in vain. Sediments deposited gradually, imperceptibly. Whispered words, delusions of unrequited love, Sandy memories. Hundreds of layers, hundreds of moments.

I got lost among the strata of what one day lived and dreamed. Buried connections that will see over the years, impassive. Nooks and crannies where kept outside prying eyes treasures, demolished under the weight of time that constrains.

The present darkness tries to transform me into dust. I do not give, no I exhalaré to nowhere!

Not be that height I am, because I am unable to see the whole. If you illuminate a ray of light just, is a glimmer of hope that will mark the way both ask?. Longing the conviction that may exhume me myself, of the past, reality.

Now you should not miss much, I repeat as I climb into the infinity.