Hope - Reflections of life and abstract thoughts
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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Cambió las últimas latas de comida por gasolina. He would try it it cost what it cost.

-Where is headed?

-I prefer not to tell you where I'm going, does not infundarle false hopes. -said faltering

-Hope? Friend, not is if joke, or is just a nutty. Whatever it is, has full tank.

-Thank you.

-Does not have why give them, a deal is a deal. Hereafter you will find only empty miles, I hope that you know what makes. -warned.

He started the engine and accelerated without looking back. The Sun ruthlessly gassed. Drops of sweat meandered his forehead fogging her eyes. On the dashboard, a map with annotations and a heart served as her guide. It was the only thing left.

A fork more by a rugged path to the destination. I had to be careful because any mistake would lead him to remain stranded until dying of hunger and thirst.

Finally it came to the exact spot, I was succeeding!, Although the fuel gauge was under minimum, There would be no turning back.

He scanned the horizon without seeing any trace of structure. Nervous, He left the car with map in hand. I had to be here!

It gave a rodeo. It had crossed the entire State, fighting undesirable by food and gasoline. He refused to become one dead body, victim of the desolation that it invaded everything. Estaba mareado, It clung the map squeezed that run ink heart.

Was whether same imploring desperate. Todo era inútil en un presente estéril. I would never see it again. I thought his hands rooting hopes in his mind, While drawing on the map. Éstas crecieron dentro de él como un árbol esperando dar frutos.

One minute, a tree, in the arid land. Approached intrigued. On the floor next to a drainage channel, There was a hatch.