Hold on - Short story about reflections of life - Anadesería
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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It had been years preparing for the great opportunity, striving continually. Giving to surrender to any pleasure.

He knew all the definitions to the letter. His trained mind, It was able to calculate up to more complex mathematical equations, the hidden mysteries of the universe. Despite remain oblivious to the vital questions such as love, the disappointment or the death. But the simple wait, It was unbearable.

The pen danced between your fingers virtuously. The test was about to begin. Its future was by written. Everything was reduced to that momentous time. Without leaning on the backrest, its taut stance began to pass bill.

He scrutinized the room looking for that complicity, that nervousness. I didn't know when I went to start the big time. It was important to be ready, didn't want to relax, or settle into your seat. Did not remember how long was so, they looked like her years.

Sweaty hands asked explanations. The, willing, you reviewing everything I learned that catapultaría him to a full life, for the millionth time. I was looking forward to her around. Be alert and attentive was the key.

The head and body hurt, torturing him, in tension, prepared, always prepared. Estaba a punto de empezar, but did not remember how much was there.

He reviewed once again all the accumulated knowledge, While awaiting, anxious, not knowing yet, the only thing that was in that eternal prelude to their dreams, was waiting.




Inspired by a story I read years ago about a dancer (I remember well who wasn't).