Elixir - Short story about the delivery to the public - Anadesería
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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The long-awaited moment had arrived. I always felt a tickling sensation that traveled through his thin body, and carrying it to the vivid present.

The lights lit up another Stadium again, regardless of that city. A deafening crying rose above the heads of his fans. They adored it, some phrases of their songs is tattooed, they mimicked her, they were harassing her as sick in search of her drug. His gestures and his voice made it unique, unmatched.

In the first rows, the crowd him turned into a mass of heads and arms, that stretched you were trying to touch the stage, your attention. They longed for her and would do anything for her.

OA made an imperceptible gesture and music was in the air, started the big show. The goddess before a crowd alucinada his angelic and powerful voice. Melody grabbed them with force and penetrated them to a hidden world of psychedelic. Vibration kidnap their emotions making them go crazy.

I was getting it. It was overwhelming love that provoked and in turn are delivered fully, as in a circle that is retroalimentaba incessantly. Su corazón acelerado hacía que se contornease sensualemente ante la muchedumbre. I had so much passion that transmit, your voice and your body, they were not sufficient. I needed to merge with them. Rapt, in an outburst, It took momentum and rushed the crowd.

The mass without conscience, He gripped her looking for the inside making it extraordinary Elixir. This, it dissipated along with his breath forever.