Fade - Reflections of life and abstract thoughts
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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That boy looks like he knows what makes, enjoy the time with their engagement, as if it holds the same life. The owner of the time who rides the destination towards moments illuminated by smiles in which everything flows and pleases almost unconsciously.

I envy those young people who dominate the reality to give you the look you want, turning that which has no raison d ' être, that abrupt and ruthless, in sweetness and perfect moments. Transformers of moments, Transformers of worlds. He laughs with them if they cross your path, his only happiness is bliss to your around. Atmospheres that surround their circles beyond where van, going to the rest, with its aroma of fulfilled dreams.

Friends telling anecdotes to be the center of attention. I distance myself a second one to take that game of human relations perspective, that led by primal impulses, they lead to common situations. Couples, friends, travel, disappointments, nothing is too far on the path of reflection. Meditative, partly envious, I despise them or they irritate me, sometimes in equal parts.

Pleasures, and Gentiles enslaved by them, some know them all even. Strangers without great ideals, without great pretensions, with limited illusions, dancing to taste in the streets of the destination, to the sound of empty speeches, However eloquent. Many will listen carefully, looking for explanations that transcend and can be extrapolated to their routine lives. Lives sometimes finished by mishaps or misfortunes exempt of reasons, you push them further towards the hasty reason of existence.

There was a time when I enjoyed to be alive, feel the heat of the Sun on my skin, feel hopes invading my veins. With vigour and sparkle in the eyes. There was a time that I dreamed and throwing love to the wind. There was a time when I loved the world and was world, creating the meaning of everything.

But they like me now will suffer the lack of reasons in the events, they will suffer the absence of destiny in everyday life. They maquillarán vacuum everything that surrounds them to maintain wholeness and hide the underlying chaos children. Living in the big lie, confined in blocks of buildings, with rules that respect and those who believe in gods. Acting at the great theatre of reality in search of insubstantial applause. They will weep in the future, without understanding, or worse yet, being aware of the madness that has become the present.

The silence I already cornering, rescuing all sorts of thoughts wandering aimlessly. Burying me between failures, disappointments, lives possible and impossible love. Too late to escape. Death looms among them tiniendolos of sadness and despair. Time expands in the prelude to nowhere, that which we do not want to hear about.

Free me of consciousness, which presses and irritated for no reason, is my only wish. Unintelligible voices of past ghosts, that I can not put them face. Engrisecidos by the absence of sense memories to my about, the atmosphere is attenuated. When everything vanishes just wait. Slowly the darkness invades those images that appear, Finally there is calm, silence.

As if everything had been a dream, as if everything had been.