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In a street in a neighborhood of Hong Kong, There is a sign that goes unnoticed among hundreds of them. A few ancient symbols are left reading on a backlit panel, but few are able to interpret them. Under, narrow steps lead to a basement that is blocked by a metal gate and a security panel.

We have been watching the place for weeks, and today we have finally seen an individual through the gate. We have the operational ready to intercept it at the exit, so just my order.

Were the neighbors who claimed to see a person with a strange contraption hanging. We suspect to be an organized gang, can that Navy, so all caution is low in this crazy town.

The station is located in silence, lurking just like my men. Suddenly, la puerta se entreabre e inmediatamente 4 guardias fuertemente equipados inmovilizan al hombre, It does not resistance. Then enter in the room. Everything happens in a blink of eyes.

-It seems that no one there is more, shift - listening in just a few moments.

-We confirm that this clear - says with conviction another Member of the team.

-Inspector, would be desirable to review the installation.

That didn't sound anything good and I put still more nervous. I crossed the street in a sprint. The curious began to make Act of presence. I exchanged a brief look with the detained suspect, While the steps went down abruptly.

The room was unexpectedly spacious, with several panels of methacrylate that is plotting lines of events and photos of different faces. The Fund had a similar to the one of a submarine camera, with an amazing amount of cables and computers. A few numbers illuminated in a panel, under the sign of "Convergence meter" they called attention.

Hundreds of pages of different documents piled up in a corner. Some seemed technical procedures, manuals for executing operations with that interface.

I desbloqueé the phone and immediately called my top to convey the result of the operation. While guards examined cabinets full of cables, and some believed that it was a strange Server.

The Lieutenant kept silent while she looked at him, the best thing that could, the contents of the stay.

-Inspector, put me with the suspect - I broke off at the end.

- But Mr, I think we should make the interrogation at police station - I told him.

-I want to talk to him immediately! -He said altered.

I came out of that atmosphere full of sophisticated misunderstanding, directing me to the car where guarding the suspect, and I put the phone to the ear.

-Destiny Corp, Agent hk23 - heard it articulated in a somewhat imperfect Chinese. It returned to me look warning me that it was all he had to say.

-Release him immediately and remove all the operational. I am not able to give explanations, is a classified matter. -Transmitted Lieutenant forcefully and then hanging.

From that day, only do to speculate. The questions build up in my head and sometimes I creep up to the lane again. There, the sign still shows the message: Ark temporary HK

I am afraid to get me into trouble, but I need answers.






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