Flashes - Short story of love - Reflections of life
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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A spontaneous thought, that correlation of events that accelerate catapulting me.

And there you are, with the way you make the bed, and as if it did not come to the case, Te quedas looking to vacuum, to nothing. A twinkling enters through the window and makes you smile.

Grasp the moment by the edges, fast, the alder, and I enjoy its freshness. I try to endure it in time, without entertaining him too so you don't lose the purity. Savor your last moments, leaving them to leave with a smile by the glass.

You always dominated our lives, the axis that shook to nothing to give curious forms. I alentabas to create whole worlds where there were only reflections. I, attending to your love, your light and your speeches, delivered.

And we grew up, and the worlds with us.

We knew that we were not owners of our fantasies, of our reality. The same that you reduced to oblivion. I never knew why. Perhaps they were Avenged it by giving them life, or by giving them a sense.

Briefly, they still let me see your flashes.