Disintegration - Reflections of life and abstract thoughts
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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I've been a thousand lives, I've been a thousand dreams,

deeper travel, the more distant aspirations,

You recurrirás to my in the darkest moments,

or unwanted memories.




"Where is? I want to be with her-"I said.

"It is about to arrive, have patience."

Television distracted her a few minutes, then her mind wished his return. Wanted to, She understood it and loved her unconditionally. I could not understand because I wasn't there.

"Would you call her by phone?"-insisted".

"Never answer, "but already is on the verge of becoming"-didn't he excuse to give it. -Ven - added while it picked an old armchair under the arm. They went to the receiver, where to put it and sat it. He sighed hurt. It was the only way to calm the jitters, those eyes that did not recognize it and did not have the courage to say it. Those who longed for love of a familiar face. Everything was disintegrating in the mind of his mother with Alzheimer's.

But there in the gloom of the prelude, front of the mirror, they were understandably reassured.