Deficiencies - Reflections of life and abstract thoughts
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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How to determine the potential of a man?

What are the limits of an individual?

What are its edges with the reality?

Far reach the invisible zigzags of their actions?

To where it covers the significance of his presence, After the time that has you?

I like to think that everything is defined by the scale of the dreams of men. Why I forced to put at the disposal of my loved ones, all the tools that I can think of so that they can dream big. Encouraging them to be about your wishes, push them to detail impossible scenes that another single form would be intended smears, to play melodies decoupling of restrictive guidelines. Forcing them through persistent and successful practices. Thousand disciplines, with a thousand interpretations to stretch and widen awareness.

While, I whisper them that they rehuyan to comply with set their lives, that you avoid encasing his soul, Maybe this will end up with your space, as well as a plant in a small pot.

Llamada madre, Amada, teacher, or Muse even. But I'm just that push the limit, which enlarges their essences, you want to knock down the barriers to love everyone, without obstacles, without deficiencies that suppress their spirits.

Now, Let me relieve you of your boundaries.