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Anadesería: Reflective reading blog for busy people

Modern times require a different approach, not only because of the lack of time, but because the generations changed, they are transformed thanks to technological advances. We ordered life with new tools, but we steal us all that no us spare: time. We're incredibly busy, painfully busy, but this does not mean that we should sacrifice enriching activities such as reading or settle for eating badly written articles or information blank; There are options and if years ago we had heavy books and a candle to enjoy literature, We now have mobile devices and Network Magic, in which it is possible to find smart readings, short and well done on web of stories like

Without time? Flash fiction blog

It would be redundant to emphasize the paramount importance that involves reading in the intellectual and cognitive development, but its reach is much broader; In fact, many people consider reading your favorite pastime. And it is that reading is, above all things, incredibly fun. Reading is a multidimensional exercise, in which there is space for learning, recreation and personal growth. The benefits you can draw from this practice depend on what read, Of course; but absolutely everything could nourish you in one way or another.

However, one of the most frequent complaints of people who love to read, or who simply want to acquire the habit of reading is the lack of time. We have this idea that need hours killed in which impregnate yourself in the pages of an endless Tome and perhaps because this is delayed reading when there is time to read, for holiday or a day that never comes. Something really regrettable, but you can change.

Brief need not be synonymous with deficient, as well as extensive quality assurance it is not. If you like to read you don't have to postpone the pleasure to dive into the letters until you have a few free hours, then you can use some minutes to read a short story, literature pills that will activate your curiosity, imagination and feelings.

The micro stories are a challenge for the author, because they represent to focus the entire weight of the narrative, emotional and literary in few words. For example, a short story of love It must be able to make you feel the most torrid romance or the most profound disappointment in a few lines; While a short science fiction story You must consider the immensity of the cosmos, the possibility of the future in the short space of a few characters.

All this and more is what you will discover in this review Flash fiction, and it is that its author the challenge of compressing feelings for, stories, suspense, drama and emotion in so few characters is a wonderful game, an efficient alchemy that will transform your feelings for seconds and that will remain in your mind, dancing until it disappears. The micro stories you'll find in Anadeseria are a roller coaster that will stimulate your neurons in minutes.

All in one place: Web stories and more

There are literary genres that are perfect for every individual and need, But if you feel the need to expand the boundaries of your imagination, fiction is what need your neurons. You can travel to the other world, surrender to the passionate stories of stories of love and escape from reality with stories of science fiction. One of the great advantages of the blog of stories It is that they allow you to access different types of literature in the same place.

A Stories page as Anadeseria is everything you need in one place, at your fingertips, which is perfect for those people who have an incredibly active mind, It required to learn a little of everything, the world is those small and time makes them short. In effect, Here you can find space for alternative genres, new styles and literary experiments in the abstract thoughts blog, Flash fiction, dating, phrases and reflections of life.

Growing from the word: Reflections on life

Try to describe what the true destiny of the word, If we are to your service or vice versa it is become the ouroboros, in the eternal serpent biting its tail; But if there is anything we can assert it is through the word we can heal and grow, because we create as we speak. The word constructs reality and allows us to bring to the particular plane that we are going to be as being ideas and thoughts. The Reflections on life they are small snapshots of these short spaces we inhabit, they are a way of understanding ourselves and put order to what surrounds us.

The space of Reflections on life It is intended to be a small window on these ideas that ever have crossed the minds of the people, that you try in his humble boldness explain what we are and feel. It is the reflection of the everyday, from small and simple, but a perspective capable of stimulating points of view, new beliefs and intellectual needs. We start from what we live and transform it into cosmogony, in primal universes and permanent habits.

Literary stories mobile application

To you, you like to read, you recognize the quality of a text which leaves you pondering phrases throughout the day; for the person who has no time to lose, but you want to get lost in the lyrics. For you that you are looking for escape in the crowd to your unique and special world, and you escudas on your phone's screen to not listen to what surrounds you. For you, you're one with the word and you want a new window, We have created a application of literary stories which will allow you to quickly and efficiently to reach Anadeseria.

Literary stories mobile application available for Android, This application of sober and simple design will put at your fingertips this small universe of letters that we are nurturing each day. Anadeseria is the scuba diving suit you can wear to dive slowly into the sea from the word, reflection and fantasy to reacquaint yourself with yourself in the middle of the reflection and the art of the word.

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