Random - Short story about the destination - Anadeseria reflections
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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He pressed random. A lucky few were rewarded with their dreams become reality, betting tirelessly, or attending absurd contests. It was never your case. He tired to try without success. The odds always tend to be against fools. But as a faithful believer in karma, deemed worthy, worthy, at least of a mere stroke of luck, by insignificant to go .

Repeated failures withered his character, but they don't cut it like others. It would make use of all his intellect, your imagination, in a last attempt to come out victorious, of what he considered, the battle against the goddess Fortuna. Rellenó las casillas con números aleatorios del 1 al 100 rápidamente, prestando atención a sus valores. No intentaría discernir un combinación ganadora, This time not, proposed something different. Ready to sail the underlying complex network, that catapult men made the achievement of his illusions, Perhaps, incomprehensible or non-existent, memorized the numbers.

He toured its dreams one by one as I used to do when I was playing. They were large and satisfactory, balanced, you might want to a good man. His mind, always disperse, began to focus, submitted it to a few new laws, from now everything would have a motive. He visualized each number, originating from the emotions of a man culminated, impregnadolos, providing them with meaning and life. It deepened. Soon they began to talk to him, to take root in the memories, to disseminate related thoughts. They completely invaded their consciousness.

It re-emerged eventful and full of vitality from its lethargy, el mundo que percibía tenía un significado que se alineaba con su deseos más elevados. Victim or hero of their own delirium during the days ahead, encadenaba situaciones generadas por sus ideas, for their acts, somewhat irrational times, but under a global vision. His mind was the award-winning. Spinning reality to her around, Since then it was dream.

I still remember the man, el más alegre que he conocido. What luck had!