Asphyxia - Short story of love - Reflections on the life Anadeseria
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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I smothered the past with my own hands, dirty ink, in a crumpled paper. Never gave me good feelings to build something beautiful. And with the passage of days, almost without realizing it, I was smashing the little that was inside of me, dragging you to the decline.

Now I am, conjecture, with a few lines with desperate lyrics, for the sole purpose of structuring a simple "return".

Recognize. I understand my shortcomings, y se que que azotan tus pensamientos humillándote por desear a alguien tan necio, so weak and empty of spirit.

Aportar. Querer no basta, grow is not enough, willing to demolish the prejudices that limit my life, I look forward to participate in yours side by side, in fullness.

Build. Let our destinations to join again, elevándonos por encima de lo que un día naufragó. My soul delivered, will be reborn for yours.

I love you.