Invisible frame - Reflections of life and abstract thoughts
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.

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I went down the window to see approaching the trafficker. It glided between the shadows. I watched your leather jacket sleeves, shorter than usual, He left uncovered an expensive watch and enough silver rings. Unaware that he meant that in the language of the neighborhood, but I figured I wouldn't you bad.

If something I learned during those years, It was that the situation can always get worse. Así que extendí los créditos por la abertura mientras sujetaba un arma oculta con la otra mano. Había cometido demasiados delitos para conseguir aquel intercambio después de todo.

The man looked around in search of any hint of suspicion. He then seized the lot, keeping it nimbly. He opened his knapsack and pulled a bulky envelope that was quick to give me.

-Recuerda deshacerte de todas nuestras comunicaciones, or you will have more problems than you can imagine. – said. Then turned and walked away quickly.

I booted up the slider a few seconds later and drove cautiously to a pension on the outskirts. Had it all planned. I pulled in the back and grabbed a bag from the luggage compartment. We had to overcome the emotions and continue with the plan.

-Una habitación por favor, If you can be outside, best. – I said with little natural.

-De acuerdo. 90 créditos por adelantado – the receptionist replied

-Aquí tienes 180, say, I want to go unnoticed – I said trying to set a tone of voice more plain than usual.

-No one will disturb you then. F34, third floor on the right hand – replied the clerk while he kept stashed tabs and I sealed off the torso of the hand.

I went up the stairs. A smell of jasmine air freshener to, Unable to dispel the stale background, I impregnated into the room. I closed the latch and ran the curtains after make sure that nobody was watching me in the alley. I deposited my belongings in a corner and the envelope in the middle of the bed. Then I went direct to the minibar, It was a fate that den had certain amenities. A White London ice would calm the madness for a moment.

My mind was accelerating at times. The envelope was, faking certain personality, en el centro de la colcha. Contenía todas las respuestas que mi ser anhelaba, rather, that any be longed. Answers able to topple Governments, awaken your sleepy existence without meaning individuals. Los misterios del armazón de la realidad sintetizados y fundamentados. Una documentación clasificada, printed without trace.

El estudio abarcaba los resultados de 5 años de investigaciones sobre el tejido que envuelve nuestro entorno y la relación humana con el mismo.

Questions embotaban my reasoning: And if what they discovered me avocaba a life conscious but imprisoned by some sort of deterministic inertia?Could you bend the coincidences at my leisure?Would there be a purpose after all?

I finished the last drop with violence. Waiting had induced a kind of shock to me, and I imagined in a perspective of third party alien to my actions. I tore the envelope with trembling hands and draw sheets.

Had four volumes independently ringed; structure of the past, the present structure, structure of the future, and synthesis of linked coherence principles and individual applications.

Surely it would not take in find me, so I left the gun within reach, and I started reading.