Opening - Reflections of life and abstract thoughts
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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I just remember how it started my second opening, and much less the first. Although I suppose that no one is aware of the first, When the mind is open to dialogue with itself. It is then when flow words internally, and axiomaticas ideas soar into complex principles. I guess it was on par with the development of the language.

As people who love got greater prominence in my life, they earned a presence similar to my inner self, living the second opening. He was member in that small world, until then he believed that it was my secret corner, where could fully live without laws. Gradually filled with invented situations, with characters who were paid life, volviéndose los verdaderos protagonistas. They kidnapped my identity, reeling off it, can that you enriched now that I think about it. But I remember almost nothing of my lonely inside already, They disarmed it by reducing it to cyclical phrases without contrasts, resignándolo al entierro de los años. And I dreamed, and I traveled for impossible worlds through shared principles, with beings rooted in what is known. I felt pleasures forbidden in idealized places, I divagué between talks explaining irrational events, glimpsed, I created, I quit and went back to glimpse. Each end was a new beginning, a new world that took me further.

Now I embarkation me toward a diffuse horizon, because he will be creating as I go in the third opening. Dreams dreamed by the own structured fantasies. Pure inspiration, able to bend my reality, giving me a work which wakes up with force.

And what can I do? Stop the torrent? Do enclose it again in just a partner who wants to broaden the perspective of its existence?

There is no form of caging, Maul, or control which creates itself.

I hope the trip worthwhile.