0.5 - Reflections of life and abstract thoughts
Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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Nothing like a console window on your Linux custom at the great day. Screen it lit up everything. The lines of code, precise, are happening one after another at high speed.

It continually went back to review, optimize the obfuscated process, his masterpiece. He had been working on it for months, reviewing it without ceasing, and with the precision of an expert hacker, made small adjustments here and there.

The minute it happened, the script which bomb waiting time. I had finished, all that remained was a few minutes ahead that he was horrifically eternal. A little more cocaine. Powder impregnated again your Airways.

Head martilleaba you to the sound of his accelerated heart, making it fully aware. I had never been so nervous, so alive, the adrenaline was invading their veins.

The time has come. Some wild-eyed watched carefully the console. A few lines filled the screen and stopped. It took a few seconds. It showed nothing more. He had not worked.

It was a useless! It esnifó again like crazy. He began to destroy everything that was in the room, that illuminated the screen, It was a full dung because of his outbursts. The plan, He had failed. While somewhere, in an anonymous server, disgusting were enriched at the expense of pornography and illegal drug sales, When he did not even have an iota of talent he possessed. I just wanted to the means to improve their lives minimally, era injusto. Un grito gutural salió de su ser mientras pateaba la pared.

The room blinked just once, his eyes full of anger, they counted the environment, the screen was: 0.5 Bitcoins. The periodic sum had begun to be automatically diverted to your account. Speechless gave no credit, She got it!. Finally reality could make your wishes.

La pantalla parpadeó de nuevo y su vida con ella.

He ignored the drop of blood that glided below your nose.