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Bazaar of wishes that have not yet been cherished by anyone.
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Flash fiction blog

In Anadeseria you will find a wide variety of Flash fiction, different perfect gender to get lost in parallel worlds.

It travels towards impossible situations, future dystopian societies impersonal, realities with situations that invite us to dream and grow as individuals.

Visions that open doors to new horizons, fast reading and several levels of understanding to readers of all types.

We invite you to reflect with us and have some fun!


-Si entendieras las grandes verdades no temerías lo que va a suceder.- said calmly. -Los hombres, those small stores of knowledge, albergando...
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I don't identify them, any of them. A radiant vitality and sweaty kid, with a ball in his hands. O unas pecas resaltando la faz de un cuerpo...
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Venero your presence, I obsesiono me to see the reality as you see it, think what you think, con sentir en mi ser la vitalidad que te embriaga....
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The coffee in the cozy corner Cafe, tastes like a condensed ideas. A seemingly quiet place, franqueado por estanterías con libros...
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I have stopped docking men, steal their most cherished belongings. It is an unbearable task. I never take seriously and don't know how to react....
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"It is only an impression", I say to myself continuously. But I just always succumbing, deterrent thoughts end up giving them way. At the end....
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On the Mount of the Matterhorn, four thousand meters above sea level, on a steep slope of the reclusive mountain there is a frozen book. With leather and small caps,...
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There is a blind man and violent nature, It is located in a room of variable dimensions. Anyone who enters their space, whatever their....
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Secrets unveiled on drooping curtains one day lift, and I shall find interpreted really, between eyes, of which penetrate the spirit up to....
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I look forward to drinking from the clearly forbidden men, bringing lucidity until now non-existent in me. Talk to wealth, with the knowledge of each of....
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Forget me

I am the rupture of the gills that filter the thoughts the fissure that drained the rancid hint of joy last cordura disastrous relief....
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Clandestine ideas exposed on the sly. A teenage heart slipping among the crowd. A natural smile behind the pollution. Illusions by lifting....
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I am the infinite verse that encompasses the ineffable, I am the ropes of the ring where unleashes the existence am Crackle unexpected in the eternal calm I am the....
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Will routine individuals boost the hesitant flight? Do hear afflicted high murmur? Or dance on invisible roads in search of..?.
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Are the silences the hidden cracks of reality? Do you intone the universe a cruel time? May young people predict the beat loops....
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I feel something strange to contemplate the world, that link that part of us towards what a day we went, I can see it. Under the star dust....
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Abstract thoughts blog

Poems, haikus, appointments and new styles perfect for further environment all around us. Small phrases that will transport you to internally to build and explore spaces.

It expands horizons and expands your understanding to unsuspected limits.

Visit the category of thoughts and discover your inner world!

Reflections of life blog

Stories, anecdotes, own memories or acquaintances, ideal for situations where reality beats fiction.

Browse different conclusions spun in bold way from daily reflections. Arguments that will encourage lateral thinking and bring you unique views.

They will surprise you!


Those who believe that we are equal at birth all, To those who were energetic and fast sperm from their groups, To those that were combinations....
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In an old House, closed to the passage of time, accumulates dust in a photo of a man who never existed. Even at the risk of seeming result of a lie....
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The sound of my favorite clothes to get it, Cold and precise touch cutlery, The playful tickling of the toothbrush, The softness of the....
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Errant buildings, full of ducts that circulate fluids of life. Biological structures towering over the grotesque, on the primitive....
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Bitter Symphony of lights and shadows, showing peak moments of insight, or plunging us into the chaotic confusion. Spotlights with starry backdrops,...
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That note at the wrong time, charismatic, showing the inaccuracies as a result of the nature, of our nature. Silver lining that embrace it immediately,...
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"Not secuestres my actions and my will to a reprimand, leave me to act according to your printing of the justice force, that shows so many lagoons and....
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Perceive purity of rituals, the simple and ancient, Although not they transcend reality and not achieve any goal. And still have the hope of....
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