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Bazar de deseos que aún no han sido anhelados por nadie.
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Flash fiction blog

In Anadeseria you will find a wide variety of Flash fiction, different perfect gender to get lost in parallel worlds.

It travels towards impossible situations, future dystopian societies impersonal, realities with situations that invite us to dream and grow as individuals.

Visions that open doors to new horizons, fast reading and several levels of understanding to readers of all types.

We invite you to reflect with us and have some fun!


Shield me in our nights, in our drinks, hiding, interested in the routine that envelops you, Noting the sparkle in your eyes. El silencio interior...
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To anyone you ask as I lived, It will tell you that it was an enviable existence with a death caused by a few reasons that fails to understand. Me...
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Venture with us into a world to explore. You will discover the hidden dreams beyond life itself. Experimente una muerte clínica como la de...
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Imprison me, I suffocate and I ask for help in vain. Sediments deposited gradually, imperceptibly. Whispered words, delusions of unrequited love,...
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I rescue that night with you, coffee, a candle and a glass of Aunt Mary. You seem nervous, acabo de darte vida nuevamente y no sabes hacía donde te...
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I feel like this very moment cracks in time, as the voices of the future try to access it, rasgando la fina tela de coherencia que lo...
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- We need new colonies of workers who help with the extraction of resources. Strong expansion should continue. - I understand. For when? - Nos...
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-Me gustaría que me golpearas tan fuerte como pudieras, like we used to do for young people, to feel your contained anger and impregnate me more pain. -Nunca...
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I feel something strange to contemplate the world, that link that part of us towards what a day we went, I can see it. Polvo de las estrellas bajo...
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I love to talk, serve cooked in tray ideas. So my partners, Skinny, end up choking them. It's funny. Solo en algunos...
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When silence dominates and the discouragement of desvaine, When the routine would punish and sadness take root, When the escape beauty and love end, Estaré esperando...
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Quizás es porque vivimos en la disputa, looking for recognition and power since the first sigh. In the permanent night, We have integrated the social herd,...
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Rotten subway cars with empty people. Empty of love for a time. Time transformed into a present despair. Presente que solo tiene como...
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Abstract thoughts blog

Poems, haikus, appointments and new styles perfect for further environment all around us. Small phrases that will transport you to internally to build and explore spaces.

It expands horizons and expands your understanding to unsuspected limits.

Visit the category of thoughts and discover your inner world!

Reflections of life blog

Stories, anecdotes, own memories or acquaintances, ideal for situations where reality beats fiction.

Browse different conclusions spun in bold way from daily reflections. Arguments that will encourage lateral thinking and bring you unique views.

They will surprise you!


A life of delivery, training, brand image, enhancing the value of a person. At the end, aunque que tendrá alrededor de 21 años, You can convict,...
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A guy makes the ridiculous on television becoming a European laughingstock, in this festival of eurovision for progressive and well positioned people. Obtiene...
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